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[mkgmap-dev] Street name search in gmapsupp.img generated via --index option

From Enrico Liboni eliboni at gmail.com on Sat Mar 3 20:25:11 GMT 2012

Hi - to test if --index now works out of the box, I just used mkgmap r2226
to generate a gmapsupp.img for  my Nuvi SD card (I'm a linux user, no

It works! However street name search string need to start exactly with the
street name prefix entered in OSM, example: for a street (via in italian)
named "Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy" - known by everyone as Kennedy Street
(i.e without the first name) - I've to tape exactly "Via John..." while
using Garmin maps I can just enter "Kennedy" to get all the streets
containing the word "Kennedy"

Is it possible to search street names as I'm doing with POIs, i.e.  to get
the list of items %matching% the keyword I enter?

I would appreciate any hint,

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