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[mkgmap-dev] Holes in the Sea

From RheinSkipper rheinskipper1000 at gmx.de on Fri Mar 2 18:17:04 GMT 2012

> I dont use osmosis, where do you need it for?

I usually use osmosis for merging, so I missed that you suggested

Unlike osmosis omsconvert produces no error messages on merging the
josm-made island to the coastline-file or directly to the offshore tile. But
the output doesn´t seem to be OK. The island is missing in the img after
compiling. So the tile is still land instead of sea.

But I found another solution for the problem:

I convert the offshore tiles (only two for the Europe extract at
max-nodes=1400000) to Polish format. Then I replace the land types by
seatypes (using a text editor or grep or something) and recompile them again
with mkgmap. Now the sea has no holes anymore.

This workaround is inconvenient. So I hope the mkgmap developers will find a
way how to recognize the offshore tiles as sea instead of land
automatically, someday.

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