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[mkgmap-dev] gpx track files do not work on routable maps

From Eric Fernandez zeb at zebulon.org.uk on Fri Mar 2 11:55:24 GMT 2012

I have been able to do further testing on my Edge 705. Although the
routing "on the fly" works on the unit, I cannot reliably use a GPX
track file, either created from a mapping website or using a previous
ride in the device history. Either the Begin and End points merge,
either the pink line is truncated at some point and goes directly to
the end (a bit like a ferry or tunnel transit). Reverting to Garmin
City Navigator gmapsupp.img map, none of this happens: routing works
correctly, even on cycle lanes that do not appear on the City
Navigator map (the pink line just goes through the ground until it
reaches another road - correctly).
Could it be a problem in the route building in mkgmap? I had a look at
the code, and identified some files where the route are built, but I
would like to know more how this works. Is there any way I can help
improve it?


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