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[mkgmap-dev] Serious Bug - Mkgmap creating map that puts news GPS (confirmed etrex 30, Oregon 550) into bootloop

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Fri Feb 24 10:47:32 GMT 2012

No I used neither.
and my generate-sea parameters are:

I don't mind that much when sea is empty. Sea has not much real use 
anyhow except looking nice.
As for the tiles being too small - yeah it's right. But I still think it 
has something to do with it. I now rerun France with max-nodes twice as 
high - to see if problems are gone then (I would assume so)...
I'm still very positive that is has something to do with the POI index 
being empty or nonexistent in those tiles.

The thing is, if you split the map in two halves - and send them in 
separate gmapsupp.img files, but at the same time, then there is no 
crash. So it seems at some point the GPS devices crash down after X 
errors, but the errors are counted per gmapsupp or mapset (I could try 
what happens if I merge the two gmapsupp.img into 1 gmapsupp.img but 
with then of course different FID.

On 24.02.2012 11:39, Minko wrote:
> Felix,
> Do you use no-trim in your splitter parameters and how does your generate-sea parameters looks like?
> Maybe a European coastline file will help?
> Your sea and coastline will definitely look better with it (it now shows land in the Bay of Biscay) and
> maybe these bugs will be solved too.

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