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[mkgmap-dev] Holes in the Sea

From RheinSkipper rheinskipper1000 at gmx.de on Thu Feb 23 07:43:29 GMT 2012


I am a step further:

After commenting out
	#natural=coastline [0x15 resolution 16]
in my style, all those Polyline errors are away.

Most of the holes in the sea are also gone. Only the small hole south of
Nice and a big one west of Ireland are still there.

I suppose it´s all about memory. The coastline may be too complex to

Now I ordered some more memory. I hope 8 GB can close those last remaining
sea holes.


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> On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 05:14:53PM +0100, RheinSkipper wrote:
> >Also attached is a screenshot of those terrible holes in the sea.
> I do not have idea about the max-nodes in the splitter, but the holes are
> regular that they should be relatively easy to figure out.
> Can you determine the tiles corresponding to the holes? Are there any
> natural=coastline ways in the tiles? If not, mkgmap should assume that the
> whole tile is land. I would start by checking the hole south of Nizza, as
it is
> smaller. Try to convert the tile.osm.pbf to XML format with Osmosis and
> do grep 'natural.*coastline' tile.osm. If there is no match, then my guess
> should be right.
> I have had the opposite problem. Someone added an island to a lake with
> natural=coastline. Previously, the tile had no natural=coastline ways (it
> all land). The result was that everything except the small island was
> converted to water. mkgmap did not produce a warning; technically, it
> warn about overlap between natural=water, waterway=riverbank and
> natural=coastline.
> >If it´s a memory issue, which options can I modify to save memory?
> As far as I understand, the 'area too small to split' and related messages
> due to limitations of the Garmin map format and of Garmin devices. They do
> not have that much RAM to play with; that is why the map tiles must be
> relatively small.
> I hope that this helps.
> 	Marko
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