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[mkgmap-dev] edge 705 stuck with cities index

From Eric Fernandez zeb at zebulon.org.uk on Wed Feb 22 15:21:39 GMT 2012

2012/2/22 aighes <osm at aighes.de>:
> The bug is in osm-data. But with changing the style, you could remove
> the effects of the bug in osm-data. But I think this shouldn't be done
> in default-style because of the side-effects.
>> Finally, if the mkgmap default style has a bug, how to report this?
> Write a mail to this mailinglist ;)
> Hening

:) thanks for your advice.

I had a look at the style files. There are "place=" entries in
"polygons" style file:

place=village [0x03 resolution 19]
place=island & name=* [0x53 resolution 19]
place=islet & name=* [0x53 resolution 20]

and indeed, place=village is not followed with "& name" like the
others. Is this normal? Furthermore, there could be other place= where
name is unset and is not a village, such as hamlets. Thus as you write
it, it would be better to fix this upstream. I'll do a formal post
regarding this issue soon.


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