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[mkgmap-dev] edge 705 stuck with cities index

From Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at suse.de on Wed Feb 22 15:08:33 GMT 2012

On Wed, Feb 22, Eric Fernandez wrote:

> 2012/2/22 Thorsten Kukuk <kukuk at suse.de>:
> > That the name is blank is a bug in your (or the default) style:
> > the polygons all have a name tag: "place_name".
> > That's the tag used for a period of time for places in OSM,
> > and we should use that if no name tag is there.
> > The best solution is really to use the option I wrote already here
> > in the thread.
> >
> > The bigger problem is, that the tags for the place node and the
> > place polygon from your examples are even conflicting :(
> >
> > On of the both (polygon or node) needs to be deleted and the
> > other one should be corrected. But since I don't know the area,
> > I cannot say which of the two is the correct one and fix it.
> >
> >  Thorsten
> >
> I just had a look at these places on OSM and indeed, they have both a
> POI "Village" (or "Hamlet", etc) with the set name (e.g. Cumnor), and
> around a polygon also called "Village" with no set name. 

Haven't checked Cumnor, but the one I checked have one: place_name
They are not without name, we only don't evaluate the alternate tag.

> I assume the
> blank name comes from this unnamed polygon then. Is this what you
> mention? So does that violate OSM rules for naming areas/villages?

Please read again what I wrote above: place_name is used, no OSM rules
are violated.

> Also, you say the style itself has a bug: so is the bug in the map, in
> the style, or both? Should all "place=XXX" entries in points style
> file be followed with "& name=*"? Or should we use the option
> "--name-tag-list=name,place_name" or simply change mkgmap so that it
> does not add unnamed place_name to the map? Sorry to be daft but this
> is a bit confusing, considering the possible bug reasons and
> workarounds.

The bug is that place_name is not used for places. It doesn't
matter how you fix it, you can fix it in a lot of different ways.


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