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[mkgmap-dev] edge 705 stuck with cities index

From Eric Fernandez zeb at zebulon.org.uk on Wed Feb 22 13:22:36 GMT 2012

2012/2/22 aighes <osm at aighes.de>:
> Am 22.02.2012 11:44, schrieb Eric Fernandez:
>> 2012/2/22 Thorsten Kukuk<kukuk at suse.de>:
>> Hi,
>>> If you change the rule
>>> place=city ...
>>> to
>>> place=city&  name=* ...
>> I am using the default style in mkgmap, so isn't that a bug in this
>> default style's rule? Shouldn't it be corrected in mkgmap?
> For me it isn't a bug. The information there is a village/town/city/...
> could be very important. Mainly in not well mapped areas. In a
> village/.... you will find markets, general help, ....
> Henning


I understand your point, but the problem here is having unnamed cities
created from polygons, which are duplicates of real city/villages. The
best way to handle this would be to correct mkgmap to avoid getting
these blank duplicates into the map. The intent is not to remove


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