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[mkgmap-dev] generate-sea:polygons broken between mkgmap r2160 and r2168

From charlie at cferrero.net charlie at cferrero.net on Sun Feb 19 13:03:58 GMT 2012

toc-rox (easyclasspage at googlemail.com) wrote:

> I have experimented with "polygons" in the past but this was unsuccessful.
> May be due to the problem you have found yet.
> Could you explain the basic difference between "multipolygon" and "polygons"
> ?
> And what is the advantage of "polygons" ?
> Thanks - Klaus

The advantage is quite specific, but for older GPS units where you  
cannot change the background polygon colour,  
--generate-sea:multipolygon creates maps which display land as "Garmin  
yellow".  --generate-sea:polygons on the other hand creates a land  
polygon which you can specify in a TYP file, which is much nicer. :)


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