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[mkgmap-dev] generate-sea:polygons broken between mkgmap r2160 and r2168

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sat Feb 18 13:26:15 GMT 2012

Thanks all for tracking that down.
I can confirm that.

The problem is the new UnusedElementsRemoverHook which removes all 
elements that are outside the tile. Unfortunately it also removes the 
sea polygon which is one point bigger than the bounding box. I will 
think about how to fix that but it should not be too complicated.


> On 18/02/2012 01:02, WanMil wrote:
>> Hi Charlie,
>> I have no idea yet.
>> I think there are only two commits that may be relevant:
>> r2163 and r2168.
>> It would be great if you can retry with r2163 to narrow down the
>> problem. You might also upload the OSM data of your tile so that I or
>> someone else can do some debugging to find the problem.
>> WanMil
>> tp://www.mkgmap.org.uk/mailman/listinfo/mkgmap-dev
> Hey WanMil,
> The problem was introduced by mkgmap r2163 (thanks to Sterol Andro for
> the individual jar files).  r2162 compiles fine with sea visible; r2163
> shows the no sea problem described earlier when the
> --generate-sea:polygons option is used.
> I guess the preprocessing introduced by r2163 is somehow removing
> something that the --generate-sea:polygons algorithm depends on.

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