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[mkgmap-dev] name resolving

From Martin Ždila martin.zdila at freemap.sk on Fri Feb 17 08:11:28 GMT 2012


I'd like to ask about name resolution in mkgmap. Please see the
attached image (hopefully mailing lists won't filter it out). In
qlandkartegt I see there 4 labels. The road you see is in 2 relations
that adds route_ref to all its segments separated by comma. The way
itself has also it's ref. For the relations I am drawing a parallel
line (overlay?). Does each of the line get a (different) name? How can
I avoid this rendering?

On the other hand label rendering in Garmin device is better - I see
there only 2 labels (one for relations and one for the road itself)
and they are not overlapping.

My style is here: http://xxx.dev.mwaysolutions.com/~martin/gps.zip

Could you please point me to the documentation explaining this name
resolution. From the official documentation it is not clear for me how
could this happened.

Thanks in advance
Best regards

Ing. Martin Ždila
OZ Freemap Slovakia
mailto:martin.zdila at freemap.sk
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