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[mkgmap-dev] Problems with generate-sea

From RheinSkipper rheinskipper1000 at gmx.de on Wed Feb 15 22:05:25 GMT 2012

> >> to avoid these holes, you should use --no-trim if you split your
> >> europe-file with splitter.jar.
> > > From my own experience: you should not use --no-trim for sea tiles.
> > Reason: since there are only very few nodes in the sea, the tiles can
> > become very big and mkgmap will fail to generate a img from it.
> Maybe it  could happen, if there is very much sea in a tile. This is my
> sea-tile: 2772992,-1259520 to 3336192,71680 (Garmin-units) and it works
> without problems. Maybe it depends on memory.
> So there are two solutions: generate it with --no-trim and manually tweak
> area.list some tiles or tweak many sea-tiles with holes. I would prefer
> first one ;-)
> Henning

Thank you for your help.

With the --no-trim option there are no holes in the black sea or in the
Baltic anymore. But I have still some holes in the Mediterranean and in the

There are still about 20.000 lines of severe errors resulting from sea
generation similar to this:

SCHWERWIEGEND (Polyline): ..\tiles\63240821.osm.pbf: Problem writing line
(class uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.app.trergn.Polygon) of type 0x4a containing 93
points and starting at
SCHWERWIEGEND (Polyline): ..\tiles\63240821.osm.pbf:   Subdivision shift is
0 and its centre is at
SCHWERWIEGEND (Polyline): ..\tiles\63240821.osm.pbf:   deltaLat = -52078

I do not know how to "tweak the area.list". Can you tell me what to do

Here is how I run the splitter:

java -Xmx2800M -jar splitter\splitter.jar --max-nodes=700000 --no-trim
--resolution=15 --geonames-file=cities15000.zip --output-dir=tiles
Geofabrik\europe.osm.pbf 2>err1.txt

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