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[mkgmap-dev] NumberFormatException when making marine chart

From Ronny Klier ronny.klier at s1999.tu-chemnitz.de on Wed Feb 15 22:08:30 GMT 2012


>> While debugging the code I found that many seamark* attributes used in
>> ExtTypeAttributes.java were not contained in attributes map although
>> they are set in OSM data. It seems that there has to be a rule for each
>> attribute in style. Is there a possibility to force mkgmap to keep all
>> seamark attributes?
> All the tags can be listed under the extra-used-tags option in the
> options file of the marine style, instead of the do-nothing rules.
> Which ones are missing?

Thanks for the hint.
The first one I found is seamark:light:character.
I think a bit more complicated are sectors of lights since the sector 
number is part of the tag. They are tagged with seamark:light:# or more 
detailed with seamark:light:#:<attribute>, where # is the sector number 
and <attribute> describe the sector. This will result in a large number 
of extra used tags (I found a light with 9 sectors, each having 4 
required tags). So it would be nice if we could use placeholders:

Todays implementation handles only the first, compact form with only one 
tag per sector. I will try to work out a patch to support both.


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