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[mkgmap-dev] BaseCamp 3.3 and Routing

From aighes osm at aighes.de on Mon Feb 13 16:24:16 GMT 2012

My solution is the following:

highway=primary & access=no {name '${name} (${ref})' | '${ref}' | 
'${name}'} [0x04 resolution 16]
highway=primary {name '${name} (${ref})' | '${ref}' | '${name}'} [0x04 
road_class=1 road_speed=1 resolution 16]

If a way shouldn't be used (access=no; set before in stylefile) the way 
wont get road_class and road_speed. Routing over these ways isn't 
possible any more.

Of course this only works, if you only support one routing-type.


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