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[mkgmap-dev] Idea for a "--split-pois" option

From Torsten Leistikow de_muur at gmx.de on Mon Feb 6 12:48:54 GMT 2012

Greg Troxel schrieb am 06.02.2012 13:36:
> So I wonder about a keyword (or a default, since efficiency seems
> secondary to getting the right answer) that is like continue, but
> consumes the tags that matched to make the rule fire.   That way tags
> would be removed as they are matched, so that following more general
> rules don't fire (shop=food goes away, so shop=* doesn't match), but
> that multiple garmin objects are generated in your hut/restaurant
> combination entity.

You can use the continue with_actions and just delete the shop tag in your
example. For such tasks I use auxiliary tags like ignore_shop=yes, which I set
when the first rule is processed.
shop=food & ignore_shop!=yes {set ignore_shop=yes} [... continue with_actions]
shop=*    & ignore_shop!=yes {set ignore_shop=yes} [... continue with_actions]

So only the first matching shop rule will be processed, but all additional rules
will be processed also.


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