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[mkgmap-dev] Idea for a "--split-pois" option

From Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com on Mon Feb 6 12:36:01 GMT 2012

  but: separating something like tourism=alpine_hut and
  amenity=restaurant into 2 pois would be great - why not with an option
  file that contains all the key=value pairs that should not occur
  together in one node. using continue in such a case makes the style
  really messy (and pretty unpredictable too) in my opinion.

The fact that continue isn't the default seems to be supported by two

  If continue were the default, it would take longer to process all the

  There are rules written for general situations (boundary=?) that are
  meant to fire only when more specific rules do not fire.

So I wonder about a keyword (or a default, since efficiency seems
secondary to getting the right answer) that is like continue, but
consumes the tags that matched to make the rule fire.   That way tags
would be removed as they are matched, so that following more general
rules don't fire (shop=food goes away, so shop=* doesn't match), but
that multiple garmin objects are generated in your hut/restaurant
combination entity.

Would that avoid what you find to be messy/unpredictable?
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