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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH] Use Apache Ivy to fetch dependencies, put them in dist

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sun Feb 5 14:37:04 GMT 2012

Hi Richard

>> For the mkgmap ant task:
>> 	<dependency org="org.apache.ant" name="ant" rev="1.8.2" conf="compile->compile(*)"/>
>> Development only (internationalisation):
>> 	<dependency org="com.ibm.icu" name="icu4j" rev="4.8" conf="compile->compile(*)"/>
> These two are for the files in extra, correct?

The first one (ant) is, the other is in fact in the main src tree, but
is excluded from the compilation in the build.xml file.

> I don't see an ant target for the extras, only an entry in mkgmap.iml.
> Do you want to add a special ant target for these?  Or simply always
> include them in the main build?

Thats right there isn't, I don't know if anyone uses the code or even
if it still works. So I don't see this as something that needs to be
addressed before we move over to the new system.

> I think it's better to think of it from a target-centric perspective.
> In other words, a jar should only be downloaded if it is needed to
> successfully complete the target.  For example, macker is only needed if
> you run 'ant macker', so there's no reason to download it otherwise.

Thats fine about the targets, but there are really only two situations
in my mind: (1) build the standard distribution and (2) get
everything needed for development, so that nothing shows up as red in
an IDE and you can check that nothing is broken including things that
are not distributed.
Lets ignore optional stuff at the moment.

Also aren't a lot of the configurations that *are* there, not used.


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