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[mkgmap-dev] version of splitter's fastutil dependency?

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sun Feb 5 12:03:52 GMT 2012

Hi Richard

> Does anyone know which version of fastutil is checked in to splitter's
> svn repository?  All of the versions at
> <http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/it.unimi.dsi/fastutil>  are MUCH
> bigger than that one.

I believe that it is 5.1.5.

However it is processed with autojar (http://autojar.sourceforge.net/)
to contain only the classes that we require, as suggested on the home
page of fastutil (http://fastutil.dsi.unimi.it/)

 From the point of view of creating the distribution that I serve at
http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/splitter/ I think it is worth continuing to
included a trimmed fastutil jar, since otherwise the download will
bloat to several times its existing size for no benefit.

But this could be done by putting the trimmed jar in the mkgmap ivy repo
or by trimming the fastutils jar as part of the build process, I don't
mind which.

For someone building on their own machine it probably matters less.


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