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[mkgmap-dev] Wiki page about TYP files

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sat Jan 28 19:44:36 GMT 2012

Hi Nick

> But I can see the wisdom behind #cc000011  and #cc0000 when alpha=0
> I might change this in TYPWiz2 - thanx for the tip!

Great. You can also use the same format for the colours in the normal
pixmap format too, although I can see that you might not want to
change that for compatibility.

> btw,have night versions been implemented as well?

Yes, night versions should work too.

I think that TypWiz2 might not write odd width pixmaps correctly in
true colour with colour-mode of 32. I write them the same way as the
other images by padding each row to a byte boundary. TypWiz writes
without any padding. It does however read the mkgmap generated one
correctly, but fails on the one the one it wrote itself.

Which way do you think is correct?


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