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[mkgmap-dev] Question reg. precompiled bounds

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Wed Jan 25 17:52:21 GMT 2012

> On Wed, Jan 25, Gerd Petermann wrote:
>> Yes, but that shouldn't matter in the LocationHook. The LocationHook just adds tags like mkgmap:postal_code to the nodes that form such a building, and I guess that persons who are interested in postal codes
>> will use coresponding lines in their styles to analyse mkgmnap:postal_code AND e.g. addr:postcode.
>> Right?
> I think yes ;) At least most styles have:
> mkgmap:postal_code!=*&  mkgmap:postcode=* { set mkgmap:postal_code='${mkgmap:postcode}' }
> mkgmap:postal_code!=*&  addr:postcode=* { set mkgmap:postal_code='${addr:postcode}' }
> The only question is: should we assume mkgmap:postcode is more
> correct than addr:postcode? I think the order should be switched
> in the default style.

Do you have an example where this would improve the postal code assignment?
 From my point of view it is better to believe the postal code 
information from the boundaries. One simple reason for this:

A postal_code relation catches all nodes and ways and it has to be 
tagged once. In constrast you have N elements all tagged individual.
The chances are much higher that there are one or more typo errors in 
the elements than there is one in the relation.

Anyhow postal_code relations need to be better maintained in the OSM 


>    Thorsten

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