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[mkgmap-dev] Searching for postal_code & pbf-support

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Tue Jan 24 13:10:42 GMT 2012


> while searching for information how housenumbers are handled on Garmin devices I found a old thread.
> Postal_codes:
> When I use the display-tool I see that the zip-codes (mdr 6) are not sorted:

They are sorted, first, according to the text of the label (ie the text 
of the zip code itself), and then by the map number (for entries that 
have the same zip).

They don't appear to be sorted within the map tile LBL section that 
could be a problem -- everything else in that section is sorted.
> I don't think/hope that sorting the postal_codes will fix the problem...
> I'ver read somewhere, that only in NT-Maps postal_codes are searchable... Maybe we just have to set some bits in the header...

I agree, I think the fact that you are not given the option to search on 
zips means that it is not going to work. If sorting were the problem you 
would have the option, but the search would often fail. That has been 
the experience everywhere else anyway.


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