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[mkgmap-dev] Addresss index on GPSMAP 60CSx

From Kent Friis dsl646360 at mail.telenor.dk on Sat Jan 21 18:47:55 GMT 2012

> I would look at what is included in tmp/*.img -- there should only be
> the numbered tiles included, and any the osmmap.img or osmmap_mdr.img 
> files which should be excluded. Also make sure that there are no old 
> files in there.

That did it. Thanks a bunch.

Well, at least, streets work fine. Most seem to be in "Country",
though, and I have only a few cities to choose from - but I'm guessing
that this is a boundary data problem, and not a mkgmap problem...

And of course, house numbers would be nice, but I'm sure they are on
everybodys wish list.


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