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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap command-line argument parsing bugs

From Richard Hansen rhansen at bbn.com on Fri Jan 13 23:03:30 GMT 2012

On 2012-01-13 17:48, Roger Calvert wrote:
>>> The order of options intentionally matters. Options only affect files
>>> that follow them on the command line (or within a command file). So I
>>> don't think that there is a bug there.
>> Ah, that's good to know.  So the bug is that this behavior is not
>> documented in '--help=options'.  :)
> Does that mean that it does not 'return' after reading a -c, so that
> only one -c can be used?

If I understand Steve correctly, multiple -c arguments should work. 
I've never tried it so I don't have any first-hand experience.


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