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[mkgmap-dev] trouble routing across extracts

From Richard Hansen rhansen at bbn.com on Fri Jan 13 22:35:31 GMT 2012

On 2012-01-13 17:06, Carlos Dávila wrote:
> El 13/01/12 22:44, Richard Hansen escribió:
>> Hi all,
>> Using splitter on the US state extracts from Geofabrik, I am unable to
>> route across state boundaries.  On my Oregon 450 I get "route
>> calculation error" after it sits at 80% for a while.
>> If I combine the extracts before splitting, then routing works.
>> Is this a known limitation?  Would it be feasible to teach splitter how
>> to combine the extracts internally before splitting?  If not, what would
>> it take to get mkgmap's routing to work across split extracts?
> You need to cut your desired region from a bigger extract, e.g,
> us-south.osm.pbf and then split it with splitter, or cut it directly
> with splitter supplying it a pre-made areas.list file. Geofabrik
> extracts are cut with osmosis and mkgmap needs information of "what is
> there on the other side" of the extract that is missing after the cut.
> You can even have some gaps between extracts after merging, so routing
> is not guaranteed to work with your procedure.

There is enough data to successfully route, otherwise combining them 
before splitting would not work.  So there must be a bug/limitation in 
splitter or mkgmap that prevents mkgmap from seeing how the two extracts 


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