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[mkgmap-dev] Address search: feature request

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Thu Jan 12 19:57:02 GMT 2012

First of all, a big thank you Steve and all how have contributed to get 
address search working on mkgmap generated gmapsupp. I think it's a big 
In a further step, it would be great to be able to search for partial 
street names, so that for languages in which street names begin with a 
word like Street/Avenue/whatever you don't need to type all it. Apart of 
the annoyance of having to type those extra letters with the 
minimalistic keyboard of the device, there's the problem that many times 
you don't know how exactly the name is written in the map. For example 
in Spain you can have the same street written as Calle foo, Calle of 
foo, C/ foo, C. foo, ... Abbreviated forms should be fixed in the data, 
but in many cases you can see Calle foo and Calle of foo in the signs on 
the street, so they both are equally valid.
About one year ago, Johann Gail gave some information about how it could 
be achieved. See 
If I can help in any way to get this feature, let me know.

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