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[mkgmap-dev] Help/ideas with address index

From Tomas Straupis tomasstraupis at gmail.com on Thu Jan 12 05:57:52 GMT 2012

Thank you everybody, the problem was with missing
mkgmap:country/region etc. rules in styles!

> And: Mkgmap also understand pbf-files. They are smaller and faster
> processed. Lithuania.osm.pbf is only 14mb of size :)
  I know, and pbf files appear on geofabrik earlier than zipped xml files.
  Unfortunately I'm also running a script calculating lengths of roads
and that one takes xml as an input. So I would have to convert pdf to
xml anyway... And I'm not sure if osm2pgsql/osmfilter/osmconvert can
load/work with pbf file...

Tomas Straupis

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