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[mkgmap-dev] Help/ideas with address index

From Tomas Straupis tomasstraupis at gmail.com on Wed Jan 11 18:23:32 GMT 2012


  I'm trying to generate address index, but so far am unable to do
that. Maybe you can give me some advices on what should I try?

  I expect to get index right in the gmapsupp.img as I'm using linux
and MapSource is unable to transfer gmapsupp to my Colorado (I'm
simply copying gmapsupp.img to the device via usb cabel).
  I was following instructions I've found on osm wiki. Created bounds
info (tried both creating my own using osmfilter/osmconvert/mkgmap as
well as downloading pre-created europe bounds 20111202).

  This is how I run mkgmap:

java -jar mkgmap.jar \
--style-file=/home/tomas/garmin/tomas_style \
--gmapsupp \
--tdbfile \
--family-id=1 \
--family-name=OpenStreetMap \
--description=Lietuva`date +%Y%m%d` \
--country-name=Lithuania \
--country-abbr=LTU \
--preserve-element-order \
--route \
--add-pois-to-areas \
--generate-sea=multipolygon \
--coastlinefile=lkrantas.osm \
--report-undefined-nodes \
--check-roundabouts \
--drive-on-right \
--report-dead-ends \
--index \
--location-autofill=bounds \

  The only error messages I get are about short arcs.

  This is how I test. Upload the map to my device. Choose "where to"
-> "address", press "done" (or enter letter "L") and get an empty

  Note: I'm not using splitter, just taking data from geofabrik and
making a map from it directly. mkgmap version 2165.

  Thank you

P.S. Everything else (routing, styles) seems to work ok.

Tomas Straupis

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