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[mkgmap-dev] gmapsupp + index and Berlin/Friedrichstr.

From Martin Simon grenzdebil at gmail.com on Wed Jan 11 00:15:21 GMT 2012

2012/1/10 Steve Ratcliffe <steve at parabola.me.uk>:
> Hi
>> Now I started using the index on the main layer and it works great -
>> as long as I don't try to combine all layers to a single gmapsupp.img,
>> which I always do by calling mkgmap with all sublayer gmapsupps as
>> input files:
>> java -jar mkgmap/mkgmap.jar --gmapsupp --nsis
>> --description="OSM-Topo-DE" --overview-mapname=topo-gesamt
>> deutschland/gelaende/gmapsupp.img deutschland/landuse/gmapsupp.img
>> deutschland/topo/gmapsupp.img deutschland/maxspeed/gmapsupp.img
>> deutschland/isohypsen/gmapsupp.img deutschland/isohypsen2/gmapsupp.img
>> deutschland/wanderwege/gmapsupp.img deutschland/lit/gmapsupp.img
>> When doing so now, the resulting gmapsupp.img is lacking the complete
>> main layer, but no error message is given.
> Is that something that worked in earlier versions? There is nothing
> that I can think of that might have altered that.

Yes, this worked, but without the --index option - I only began using
it recently, when the index branch was merged back to trunk. (it still
works without --index in recent versions)

>> When I add --index to the command line, I get the following error
>> message immediadely:
>> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
>>          at java.util.ArrayList.get(ArrayList.java:324)
>>          at uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.app.mdr.Mdr29.preWriteImpl(Mdr29.java:62)
> OK, it is a bug that an error is thrown like that, but in any case the
> indexing code will not work if given gmapsupp files rather than
> individual tiles. It would be possible to make it work, but it is not
> a simple change.

OK, I now also tried to modify the command line, feeding mkgmap
individual tiles, plus the overview-map.img of each layer, too.
Now all layers are present in the gmapsupp.img, but I lost all layer
names, .TYP files and the search index.

Or should I include the *.mdx file? I think I'll try that tomorrow.

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