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[mkgmap-dev] gmapsupp + index and Berlin/Friedrichstr.

From Martin mkgmap at snailrun.de on Mon Jan 9 11:19:41 GMT 2012


I done some tests. You can find the results here:

First I downloaded a tile which contain only the Friedrichstraße in Berlin:
Then I build mkgmap from trunk and build a map using the 
--gmapsupp-option (only_fs.zip). When I search for the Friedrichstraße, 
I didn't fine any Friedrichstraße.
So I added a further street (Rheinhardtstraße) to the osm-file. And now 
I can find every Friedrichstraße on the tile (with_other_only_fs.zip).
So I downloaded a further tile:
When I now build the map with the first tile (w/o Reinhardtstraße) I 
also couldn't find the Friedrichstraße, but the other Friedrichstraße in 
the other cities. (two_only_fs.zip)
If I use the tile with Rheinhardtstraße I can find the Friedrichstraße 
also in Berlin. (with_other_with_other.zip)

For all tests I used my Oregon, I don't have Mapsource or Basecamp here 
(I'm using Ubuntu).
For the streetsearch I entered the City. If I leave it out, I can find 
the Friedrichstraße every time in Berlin.
Also if I find the Friedrichstraße now, if I build more tiles it's not 
possible to find the Friedrichstraße (I forgot to mention that the 
Friedrichstraße is just an example, there are more streets, which 
couldn't be found).


Am 2012-01-09 00:08, schrieb Steve Ratcliffe:
> Hi
>> today I updated and rebuild my maps with mkgmap r2164.
>> Adress search works without going through MapSource, but the
>> problem with Friedrichstr. in Berlin is even worse: Now only
>> one incarnation of the street is found in Berlin, even in
>> MapSource.
> In mapsource too? I am going to need to see an example. In my map I see
> the same number of Friedrichstrasse streets in either version. The
> mapsource index changed very little between the versions.
> As far as I know the only differences are in:
>    - cities and how they are allocated to regions.
>    - streets with highway shields may now be marked as having the same
> name if they differ only in the shield.
> ..Steve
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