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[mkgmap-dev] Bug in LocationHook?

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Sun Jan 8 22:11:54 GMT 2012

Hi WanMil,

> > Any idea?
> I think the problem does not exist in the current quad tree because the 
> areas are splitted into subareas. This also reduces the number of points 
> and makes it quicker and easier to test. You could get the number of 
> points from the boundary and decide if an area should be splitted into 
> subareas. It would also be possible to save the splitted subareas as 
> precompiled bounds. If your grid always have the same dimension this 
> might improve the handling.

Okay, it seems I have to look more closely to this. I did not understand that our quadtree allows to save areas (shapes).
Or did I get this wrong?
Splitting into subareas seems also to be a good option.

> You might also remove the merge step. For most tiles more than one 
> precompiled file is loaded. The bounds are merged afterwards. This step 
> sounds superfluous as the LocationHook only checks if one point of a way 
> is in the boundary and not for all points. Therefore it is not necessary 
> to have the boundary area as one complete area object.
Okay, I'll look at this as well.

Thanks for your help!

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