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[mkgmap-dev] Base style sub-styles

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Sun Jan 8 10:45:05 GMT 2012

I still have problems rendering my map with sub=styles.

I now have in the mkgmap parameters:


In the directory styles I have subdirs "location" and "default"
Location contains the files: info, lines, polygons, points and version;
And in the location info file, there is a rule base-style=default
Default subdirectory contains all the usual files except the locator style rules.

Now I have observed that the overlays file in the default subdir is not processed,
but if I move this file under location style subdir it renders ok.

Is this intended or a bug? Where do I need to put other files like relations?
Under default or move it to location as well?

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