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[mkgmap-dev] Routing issue with split road

From Francisco Moraes francisco.moraes at gmail.com on Sat Jan 7 23:09:17 GMT 2012

On 2:59 PM, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> One idea is the observation that in the USA (at least California), it
> seems to be common to have compulsory U-turns. On a divided street,
> the divider would not be interrupted in every crossing, like it
> usually is in Europe. But in this case, the Hopson Rd/Louis Stephens
> Road crossing seems to be fully connected both in OSM and in the Bing
> imagery.
> Was your destination to the east? What is the complete calculated route?
The destination was on Louis Stephens Rd south of the intersection. This
was the second time I noticed this but I never found an issue in the
data itself.
> There is a no_u_turn restriction at the south end of the way, added by
> aighes today. Is this your test if the turn restriction makes any
> difference? I guess you might want to add no_u_turn restrictions to
> the crossing as well, because the Bing imagery seems to suggest
> no_u_turn there. Note that mkgmap currently does not support ways in
> role=via.
Not sure what you meant here. I don't understand why I get this strange
behavior just on this way and not on similar ones. I can look up others
that are the same where a straight route works fine but I don't recall
it right at this moment.


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