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[mkgmap-dev] Loading a relation of numerous unconnected sections to my GPSr

From Bob Hawkins bobhawkins at waitrose.com on Sat Jan 7 14:42:12 GMT 2012


I thank you for your help.

I saved relation 23309 as an .osm file, copied your relation details just as 
you presented them into the standard mkgmap relations file, created a new 
lines file with just what you presented plus a Garmin polyline code and 
resolution, created an appropriate .typ file and ran a mkgmap batch file 
based just upon those elements to create a gmapsupp.img.  It worked 

My requirement came just as I was wondering from other things I was reading 
how relations were incorporated with other mapsets into something that could 
be loaded to a GPSr.  I could not have done it by myself, and I am 
constantly surprised at how few answers result from users' enquiries yet how 
often, too, just one answer is sufficient.  Yet another piece of knowledge 
under my belt; OSM learning and achievement is never-ending thanks to people 
like you!

Incidentally, when I type 'SomeoneElse' as an OSM user, it is not 
recognised.  How do I find you?

With regards,


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