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[mkgmap-dev] Loading a relation of numerous unconnected sections to my GPSr

From Bob Hawkins bobhawkins at waitrose.com on Fri Jan 6 21:36:35 GMT 2012

I am walking parts of The Chiltern Way and, as I progress, adding members in JOSM to relation 23309.  I should like to view this relation as a tracklog on my Legend HCx so that I can more easily fill in the missing parts.  I cannot combine the ways in JOSM because there are numerous breaks.  I can create a .gpx file but the sections are too numerous to transfer from Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp to my Legend.  Ideally, I should like to combine the sections into one record, which I can do with my MapInfo software and, I daresay, QGIS (although I do not know how to do it in that particular software).  However, it seems that once combined, the resulting record is not recognised as a polyline for me to be able export it as a .gpx file.  I wonder if anyone can suggest a method that would get such a relation into internal memory on my Legend?
I am not sure where to post this question. so I shall place it on the JOSM development list, too.
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