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[mkgmap-dev] drive-on-left/right detection broken with max-jobs > 1

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Wed Jan 4 19:39:56 GMT 2012

> On 04/01/2012 22:46, WanMil wrote:
>> While looking through the source code I observed that the
>> drive-on-left/right flag is set statically in the NODHEader class. That
>> means that a threads of one tile modifies this flag of all other tiles.
>> So when compiling a european map with GB included, it's a kind of
>> lottery if the GB areas really have this flag set.
>> Do I miss something?
>> WanMil
>> _______________________________________________
> I'm sorry not to be able to answer your question, but it did trigger a
> question of my own.
> Can drive-on-left or drive-on-right be set on a per-tile basis e.g.
> mapname:63240001
> description=UK
> drive-on-left
> input-file=63240001.osm.gz
> mapname:63240002
> description=France
> drive-on-right
> input-file=63240002.osm.gz
> Is this currently possible?

I think you can but it has the same problem as described above. When 
compiling both tiles it seems to be possible (I cannot reproduce it - 
it's just my findings of a code inspection) that the france tile get 
drive-on-left or the UK tile gets drive-on-right.

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