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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r2159: Improving performance of remove-short-arcs option

From navmaps navmaps at navmaps.eu on Tue Jan 3 23:25:38 GMT 2012

With both my maps I've no difference between Mapsource and the search 
results in my Nüvi 205. However, my Central Europe map shows both the 
Friedrichstrasse in Spandau close to the roundabout and the 
Friedrichstrasse close to the Unter den Linden. My North-West Europe map 
(build with the same parameters) only presents hits for the 
Friedrichstrasse in Berlin-Zehlendorf, close to the railway station. 
Probably the Central Europe map was lucky in the split of the tiles. 
However, in essence it has to be a boundary problem: all three Berlins 
Friedrichstrassen are located in three different neighbourhoods of 

Cheers, Johan

On 03.01.2012 23:30, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> Hi Martin
>> In Berlin more than one Friedrichstraße exist (having different
>> zip-codes). But currently I can only find one Friedrichstraße. So 
>> maybe
>> we can use the zip-code to distinguish the streets. Or you have a
>> another idea. It would be also nice to get the zip-code search 
>> working,
>> but it's just a dream ;)
> I haven't forgotten this problem, but I simply have no idea of what
> the problem is.  It is not a simple bug of them just being missing,
> because they are all shown fine in mapsource, so to find it will
> require luck a flash of insight, or maybe it only works if there are
> zip codes or house numbers.
> I have an idea of something that I will try tomorrow, it may work or
> it may not...
> ..Steve
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