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[mkgmap-dev] Garmin codes for Great Britain National Grid

From Roger Calvert roger at rogercalvert.me.uk on Sun Jan 1 19:30:51 GMT 2012

Last spring, I made an OSM compatible file available to superimpose the 
GB National Grid on OSM maps using mkgmap. At that time I used Garmin 
codes 0x1c to 0x1e. These are normally used for administrative 
boundaries, but I was unable to find any sensible alternative codes.

I have now found that it is possible to use high numbered codes which 
are not allocated, or are allocated to marine applications. I have 
successfully applied codes in the 0x10300 range:

national_grid=100km [0x10302 level 3]
national_grid=10km [0x10301 level 2]
national_grid=1km [0x10300 level 1]

These seem to work correctly in MapSource and on a GPS 60CSx.

I have also made suitable TYP file entries, which are available on my 
download site http://www.rogercalvert.me.uk/OSM/grid, and are compatible 
with the TYP compiler in recent versions of mkgmap.

Note that the compiled IMG file in the download package still uses the 
previous codes.



Roger Calvert
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