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[mkgmap-dev] Flooding in Southern Scotland

From Roger Calvert roger at rogercalvert.me.uk on Sun Jan 1 14:00:17 GMT 2012


Thanks for the comments.
> There could have been some MultiPolygonRelation errors related to 
> coastlines. I should mention that the checks in JOSM Validator and 
> mkgmap are not overlapping that much. JOSM detects some things better, 
> but it does not detect land-on-land or sea-on-sea situations as well 
> as mkgmap, as it does not "colour" the areas. 
mkgmap came up with many errors relating to 'anti-islands' - I suspect 
these are round Scotland, and I'll leave it to local people to sort them 
>> But using Bartosz's coastlines-europe file solved the problem (once I
>> had remembered to reference it before the data files), at the expense
>> of a rather larger gmapsupp file.
> OK, in that case the issue might be that the Geofabrik cutting polygon
> is intersecting with some islets that have been added or moved fairly
> recently.
This seems possible. On closer inspection, I saw a little flooding on 
the England/Wales border too.
> The Europe coastline at http://fabianowski.eu/osm/coastlines/ looks like
> it could be loaded into JOSM on a computer with enough RAM.
> It could be an interesting exercise to ask Frederik Ramm for the cutting
> polygon in *.osm format and load it and the coastlines in JOSM, to see
> if the Geofabrik polygon can be improved. I did this for Finland a
> couple of years ago. In addition to the coastline, I observed the
> country border and a few lakes near the border when I edited the cutting
> polygon. It took a couple of iterations to get it fully right.
I think I'll leave this to someone with a bigger computer and more time 
and expertise. At present, I am not a JOSM or OSMOSIS user.

Thanks for the interest and advice.

> 	Marko
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