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[mkgmap-dev] Change of index-creation in Rev. 2098 ?

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sat Dec 3 14:02:05 GMT 2011

On 03/12/11 12:23, Martin wrote:
> Hello,
> was there any changes in the index-creation in Rev. ?
> When crating a single-tile of Berlin with version 2098 I didn't find for e.g the Friedrichstraße.
> In the version before (2097) it works. I've tested it in Basecamp.
> You can download the testfiles here:

Do you mean you can't find that road at all, or just that there seems to 
be less search results?

I see it in both maps (under mapsource) but there are fewer repeats in 
the second map. So in the later map there is only one result for the 
large road that runs N-S through the centre of Berlin, whereas in the 
previous map there are several results for the same road.

The previous code was meant to do that as well, but I couldn't 
understand it, so I don't know why it sometimes didn't work.

OK, just tried it on basecamp. There with both maps I see only one 
street per city. It chooses a different Friedrichstraße in Berlin for 
each of the maps and ignores the alternatives in both cases.



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