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[mkgmap-dev] [locator] Europe boundary data for download

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Tue May 3 17:22:57 BST 2011

El 03/05/11 17:54, WanMil escribió:
>> El 03/05/11 13:40, Carlos Dávila escribió:
>>> El 02/05/11 22:33, WanMil escribió:
>>>>> Do somebody know, what this error means:
>>>>> Ccode == null name=BELGI? - BELGIQUE - BELGIEN
>>>> I have seen them too. The border of belgium is tagged with
>>>> boundary=administrative, admin_level=2, name=BELGIE - BELGIQUE - BELGIEN
>>>> The name is not contained in the LocatorConfig.xml so the Locator does
>>>> not know the 3 letter ISO code for it.
>>>> The error message is not good but it was meant only for me for debugging
>>>> purposes.
>>> I get the error below, but "Gibraltar / United Kingdom" is in the
>>> LocatorConfig.xml. What's the reason in this case?
>>> Ccode == null name=GIBRALTAR / UNITED KINGDOM
>> What about the "Highway X has no region (define a default region to zap
>> this warning)"? Does it mean highway X is not inside any of the boundary
>> polygons? In such case, how to locate highway X to debug it? Only the
>> ref is supplied and there can be lots of ways with such ref.
> I don't understand what you are talking about. Please be more specific
> what your problem is.
Perhaps I did a wrong guess, but I supposed region for any highway 
should be supplied by the new locator algorithm. If that's right, the 
warning implies the affected way falls within an area not covered by any 
boundary polygon. So I would like to be able to locate that way to 
search why there is no boundary for that area.

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