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[mkgmap-dev] Style + TYP, next iteration

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Wed Mar 30 20:52:38 BST 2011

Hi Jeroen,

On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 02:09:20PM +0100, Jeroen Muris wrote:
>For who's interested, I uploaded a copy of the latest TYP file, for 
>family ID 1:
>With the current default style not all element will show. Some 
>alterations needed changes in the style files too (like the bridges). 
>I attached a patchfile wth those changes. It's also uploaded:
>Please comment!

Sorry, I have been too busy. Let me see how your patch applies to the 
current tree. Not very well, many large conflicts, now that the 
resolutions were tuned down as suggested by Felix (extremecarver).

I used the following commands to apply your patch. Subversion usually 
does a nice job merging changes, leaving only the true conflicts:

svn update -r1848 resources/styles/default/
patch -p0<style-JM-20110212_1848.diff
svn update

I am not sure if it is a good idea to use different type codes for 
different classes of bridges. Why not use just one line type for bridge, 
and overlay that with the road? Make the bridge line very wide, with a 
transparent center, so that the underlying road can be drawn there. Same 
for tunnels (but maybe use a different overlay line type than for 

I would keep the default style so that it works without any TYP file.  
The TYP-enhanced style should be a separate style that is derived from 
the default style. See resources/styles/marine for an example of that.  
In the info file, it specifies base-style=default.

>And for if and when (some of) my changes make it to the trunk, what's 
>the correct way to get this done?

Can you prepare something minimal that derives from the default style?  
For the TYP files, I would suggest that you create at least two 
variants: no-spaghetti, thin lines for old devices, and fancier line 
styles for new devices. As Minko suggested, try to avoid repurposing the 
built-in line types (such as contour lines). For bridge and tunnel 
overlays, I guess that you should choose non-routable line types just in 

Best regards,


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