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[mkgmap-dev] Address search issues

From Bartosz Fabianowski bartosz at fabianowski.eu on Mon Mar 28 14:44:36 BST 2011

I have further reduced the problematic map down to a tiny testcase. All 
that is left is:

* A single city node providing location information to mkgmap
* A single road with two nodes

The road is called "Demo Street" and has a ref of "S6". If I build a map 
out of this data file and install it on my Vista via MapSource, search 
does not work. The street shows up three times in the list, as "S6 Demo 
Street", "Demo Street (S6)" and "S6".

Typing "D" should narrow down the list to "Demo Street (S6)" only. 
Instead, I get "None Found". Typing "S" instead should probably yield 
both "S6 Demo Street" and "S6". I get the latter one only.

Changing the ref from "S6" to "6" seems to fix the issue. Removing the 
ref altogether fixes it as well.

None of this makes any sense to me. There are plenty of streets with bot 
a name and a ref all over the world - and these work fine. There is 
something very specific going on here that I do not understand.

My mkgmap knowledge does not reach far enough to fix this issue myself. 
Any help would be much appreciated.

- Bartosz
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