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[mkgmap-dev] compile issues with mkgmap-r1905

From maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com on Mon Mar 28 06:54:04 BST 2011

I upgraded my mkgmap  and had issues with mapsource crashing:
App: MapSource At: 3/28/2011 3:55:30 AM (UTC) OS: Windows XP Service
Pack 3 Processor: Pentium Pro or Pentium II, RAM: 2047472
GEO_POSITION.HPP-62- Language ID: 1033 Part Number:
006-A0041-00 Build Type: Release

Upon looking at the installed files, I noticed that the
40000001_mdr.img is on 816 KB whaich used to be 2.1 MB.

I also have problems with creating the gmapi for mac:

python gmapi-builder -t for_mapsource/40000001.tdb -b
for_mapsource/40000001.img for_mapsource/40000001.img
for_mapsource/40000001_mdr.img for_mapsource/63240001.img -s
for_mapsource/MINIMAL.TYP -i for_mapsource/40000001.mdx -m
TDB Version:        4.07
Product ID:         1
Family ID:          639
Map Series:         OSM_PHIL
Map Family:         OSM_PHIL
Product Version:    1.00

Trademark:          Test preview map

TDB file contains no detail blocks.
Missing part: 0 of         .    in IMG-file.

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