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[mkgmap-dev] Sea (or lakes) bug

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Fri Mar 25 21:51:12 GMT 2011


thanks for the very minimalistic example. This is great because that's 
easy to debug.

With generate-sea=multipolygon the SeaGenerator works fine but there 
seems to be a bug in the multipolygon processing which causes flooding 
of the north part.

I haven't tried generate-sea=polygon. Maybe someone else can test this 
and track that down?


> So I have played a little bit more and came with a file where there are
> just three straight lines that represent the main idea of the tile. I am
> getting to get right (see attached file). This files fails to build the
> sea sectors properly (i.e. the north portion of the tile is inundated).
> Unless I am missing the obvious there is a bug in the sea generator.
> Thanks,
> N.

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