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[mkgmap-dev] broken charset in latest mkgmap

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Mar 24 16:23:02 GMT 2011


> I have just one more question - without --charset parameter - default
> is latin1. With latin1 all street names are lowercase but with
> --code-page=1250 all names are uppercase (in MapSource). Why there is
> such difference?

I don't know.  Are you using --lower-case? If so, don't :)

If you are not, then it must be something to do with mapsource unless
I'm missing something.

The --lower-case option was added just to show that it doesn't work!
As such no work has been done on it to deal with different character
sets and I have no idea what will happen in any particular case
without looking at the code.


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