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[mkgmap-dev] Running mkgmap in Eclipse

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Wed Mar 23 14:53:33 GMT 2011


On 23/03/11 10:30, Walter Wright wrote:
> Hi, this is my first foray into looking at the mkgmap code so please
> bear with. I'm trying to run mkgmap in an Eclipse workspace and I've
> downloaded the r1899 source archive as a starting point. I'm getting a
> load of errors, mostly around a number of crosby* libraries missing. Is
> there somewhere I can look to find out what I need to do to pull
> together a working environment?

The splitter project contains the jar files you need. I've not got 
around to including them directly into the mkgmap project as they are
required to build it (the files that use it can be excluded and it will
still work).

The jar files you need are protobuf.jar and osmpbf.jar which are
located in the lib directory of the splitter project.


> Also, is Eclipse a suitable IDE for this? It's what I've been working
> with for the last couple of years so it is comfortably familiar at least.

Yes it will be fine if you are familiar with it. I don't use it myself, 
so I don't know how you configure the library jar files.


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