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[mkgmap-dev] Address search issues

From Bartosz Fabianowski bartosz at fabianowski.eu on Tue Mar 22 00:44:36 GMT 2011

I made a fresh map, just to make sure there absolutely no cruft left 
anywhere. I used the newest italy.osm.pbf this time and the following 
mkgmap options:

java -ea -Xmx2560m -jar ../../mkgmap.jar \
     --description="Italia 21.3.2011" \
     --country-name=Italia \
     --country-abbr=ITA \
     --latin1 \
     --family-name="Italia 21.3.2011" \
     --max-jobs \
     --route \
     --remove-short-arcs \
     --adjust-turn-headings \
     --add-pois-to-areas \
     --generate-sea=multipolygon \
     --index \
     --nsis \
     --tdbfile \

This was then processed by MapSource and sent to my Vista. I verified 
that search is as broken as it was before. The resulting gmapsupp.img 
copied off my Vista is here:


- Bartosz

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