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[mkgmap-dev] --lower-case

From Christian Hattemer c.hattemer at arcor.de on Mon Mar 21 23:55:48 GMT 2011


I've built a map with --lower-case using mkgmap r1877. On my Dakota (FW 3.80) 
I don't see any problem, on a quick look everything seems to display fine, 
including rotated chars. Street search (old method, without index) is also Ok 
(another map for the region without --lower-case seems to be searched also, 
although it's disabled, so both versions are found). QLandkarteGT also 
displays fine.

The Dakota even goes a step further: When using a map with only upper case 
letters it will convert all letters execpt the first one of each word to 
lower case to make it look nicer. Of course this method produces some 
glitches like the street originally named "An den Eisteichen" being displayed 
as "An Den Eisteichen" or "Centimeter II" becomes "Centimeter Ii", streets 
named "Straße" show as "Strasse" etc.

This can only be fixed by putting the real data into the map using 
--lower-case. Thus I'd strongly suggest not to remove the option. Keeping it 
default off would be Ok for me.

Bye, Chris

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