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[mkgmap-dev] missing street in mapsource address search

From Martin mkmap at snailrun.de on Mon Mar 14 19:03:49 GMT 2011


take a look here:


Am 14.03.2011 um 19:46 schrieb WanMil:

> Rudolf,
> the message appears if you enter a street and a city in the search  
> mask
> and there is no such street in the city. The mapping which street
> belongs to which city is a pending problem of mkgmap. You can test  
> that
> by entering the street name only.
> The locator branch tries to improve the city mapping. You can download
> it here: http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/snapshots/
> But it is still under development.
> WanMil
>> Hello,
>> i've found a problem with mapsource and street search:
>> i've created a map with r1896 and the germany/schleswig-holstein data
>> from geofabrik.
>> I've installed the map with the nsis-installer and can search for
>> Wihlemstrasse in Kiel. If i try to search for Wihelminenstrasse, the
>> street is shown in the search list but:
>> "Die  ausgewählte Straße ist in diesem Kartenprodukt nicht zulässig"
>> (The selected street isn't allowed in this map product)
>> I've tested to search with my garmin etrex and the town doesn't  
>> show in
>> the list of towns.
>> The mkgmap parameters are
>> --max-jobs --style-file=%styles%\basemap_style\
>> --description=Openstreetmap --max-jobs --country-name=Germany
>> --country-abbr=DE --area-name="DE_%DATE%" --latin1 --code-page=1252
>> --gmapsupp --nsis --keep-going --transparent
>> --name-tag-list='name:de,name,name:latin,name:en' --x-tdbfile
>> --add-pois-to-areas --make-all-cycleways --link-pois-to-ways
>> --remove-short-arcs --net --route --index --location-autofill=1
>> --generate-sea=multipolygon,extend-sea-sectors,close-gaps=1000
>> --adjust-turn-headings --reduce-point-density=4
>> --reduce-point-density-polygon=8 --merge-lines --family-id=4
>> --product-id=45 --series-name=OSM-AllInOne-sh-bmap
>> --family-name=aio-sh-OSM --mapname=63240345 --draw-priority=10
>> ..\*.osm.gz basemap.TYP
>> I'm using the style files from the aio map.
>> regards
>> Rudolf
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