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[mkgmap-dev] NSIS installer improvements phase 2 v2

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sun Mar 13 14:10:35 GMT 2011

Hi all,

should I commit this patch?


> Hi,
> Here is an updated version with the following fixes/improvements:
> * correctly set registry key for TYP file
> * set registry key for index files only when present
> * possibility to use own template for installer script (details below)
> * installer localization (English and French at the moment)
> To customize the installer script one need to create a resources
> directory with:
> * installer_template.nsi to customize the installer script. There are
> four important lines that the file should have for mkgmap to generate
> the script properly:
> * ; INSERT_DEFINES_HERE should be near the beginning of the file, mkgmap
> will define a certain number of variables that are used later in the script
> * ; INSERT_ADDED_FILES_HERE mkgmap will generated the list of files to
> be packaged in the installer
> * ; INSERT_REGBIN_HERE mkgmap will add a line for the family_id registry
> key. This is binary and cannot be taken care of in the defines
> unfortunately
> * ; INSERT_REMOVED_FILES_HERE mkgmap will generated the list of files to
> be uninstalled by the uninstaller
> * license_template.txt this file will be displayed by the installer in
> the license page
> the default files are provided in the examples directory of the mkgmap
> installation for convenience
> Thanks,
> N.

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